Transition from the BPharm to the PharmD degree: what to expect?

The transition to the clinically orientated PharmD degree is seen as a natural evolution of the profession. However, some countries have both clinically-oriented and pharmaceutical sciences-oriented PharmD programme. Take a look on this recent review focuses on studies and opinions around issues of transition from the BPharm to the PharmD degree in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Pakistan and Thailand. 

The evolution of pharmacy practice research

The role of pharmacists has been changing globally over the past 30 years, moving away from a technical dispensing role to a more holistic cognitive role. Is important to consider the current evidence on the effectiveness of  pharmacists’ contribution to patient care and towards recommendations for future research.  See these two editorials:   2019;152(2) and  2019;27(3).

Quality over quantity: how to improve the rigor and reproducibility of research?

A heated debate surrounds the significance of reproducibility as an
indicator for research quality and reliability.  Different approaches are being taken to address this problem, including greater transparency in the pre-publication of study protocols, analysis plan and analysis code and data sharing. However, further incentives are needed. See the comments of the Australian chief scientist Alan Finkel in Nature 566, 297 (2019)