About Us

Who are we?

Centro de Investigaciones y Publicaciones Farmaceuticas (CIPF) is an international company dedicated to scholarly publishing and collaborative research. CIPF was created in 2004 in Spain by a group of academics and researchers that aimed to facilitate the access to scientific literature under a “diamond open access” model through a collaborative publishing system.

We operate with transparency, integrity and respect for people and services. The maintenance costs (e.g. website hosting, administrative tasks) are supported with small contributions of the academic institutions where the members are affiliated and the fees paid by commercial repositories (i.e., EBSCO) that want to distribute CIPF contents.


Provide quality information and scientific support to guide healthcare decision-making.


Be an innovative healthcare consulting company that offers a variety of high quality services and promotes the spread of knowledge and its conscientious use in practice.


  • Science:¬†work based on scientific evidence of high quality
  • Integrity: to follow basic principles of ethics, honesty and respect
  • Impartiality: to ensure¬†best choices for patients, operators, industries
  • Transparency: to share information