About Us

Centro de Investigaciones y Publicaciones Farmaceuticas (CIPF) is a non-profit company dedicated to scholarly publishing. CIPF was created in 2004 in Spain by a group of academics and researchers that aimed to facilitate the access to scientific literature under a Gratis model through a collaborative publishing system.

Journals and books published by CIPF have no APCs (article processing charges) or subscription fees. This is possible only because of the voluntary participation of all the agents involved in scholarly publishing, namely:

  • Authors who submit their contributions without expecting anything else besides publishing their works;
  • Peer reviewers who produce reports on the articles received without expecting anything else, thereby keeping the publishing wheel spinning; and
  • Editorial and Advisory board members who make decisions and provide comments to oil the publication wheels without receiving any reimbursement.

Maintenance costs (e.g. website hosting, administrative tasks) are supported with small contributions of the academic institutions where the members are affiliated and the fees paid by commercial repositories that want to distribute CIPF contents.